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This assignment is to show how tables looks like and what are tables.

I also like to show my favorit ships which were made from 1900's.

Ships Name Ship type Details
Yamato Battle ship Ths battle ship Yamato was bulid in 1937 4th of novenver in Japan. When Yamato was built Japan gathered all it's thchnology power for this ship because it will be the falg ship of the Japan navy. The weight of this ship is about 69000tons and the hieght is 263m and 38.9 in length. There were 3 main cannons and the caliber of the cannon was 46-cm. At that time 40-cm was the main cannons caliber and this was the frist one to be ever been made. Yamato was sank in 1945 apple 7th by USA air forces.
Dreadnought Battle ship The battle ship Dreaadnought was built in 1905 in Unaited Kingdom. This ship was the very first ship that was made to be a mordon war ship, all the parts of this ship gave an impact to the world. The meaning of "Dreadnought" was originaly means "Bravery" and "No not fear" but after this the meaning changed to a very big battle ship.
U-boat Submarine The U-boat was made in Germany in 1914 during WW1. At first the submarine was not that important to every navy, but after one of the submarine sank 3 ships of the UK's navy it was uesd to destory ships like a transport ship so that the enemy can not get supplies and to give fear to the enemy. U-boat's were a dengerous hunter of the sea but when the sonar came out most of the U-boat's were hunted down. They had a good results but at the same time they had a high death rate.

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